about us

36 years of excellence

Our Mission

To provide superior steel pipe products and turnkey supply chain solutions that create sustainable and profitable partnerships with our customers and suppliers.

Our vision

NAPSteel is committed to a value-add strategy that will elevate all aspects of our business and position us as a leading innovator in the steel pipe industry.

Our values


Our track record speaks for itself. We have never failed to fulfill a delivery order in the past 30 years.

We work closely with top pipe producers around the world, which allows us to optimize product sourcing and minimize supply chain risks.

Combined with well-structured logistics systems and facilities, we have the capacity to supply pipe products for projects of all sizes, budget, and timelines.

Quality Assurance

Consistency in quality sets us apart from our competitors.

We collaborate regularly with our global pipe suppliers on standards and specifications, market expectations, and documentation to deliver a worry-free product.

This ensures that we bring our customers the best in quality for the best in value.


NAPSteel places employee safety above all else. Every Single Day.

We are proud to receive COR Certification in both Alberta and British Columbia. COR is a voluntary program that recognizes employers that go above requirements in their occupational health and safety management system.

We seek to continuously improve working conditions and promote a positive company culture.


NAPSteel protects the environment and reduces its carbon footprint by strategically locating its yards and warehouses near major ports, thereby avoiding unnecessary trucking and handling.

Steel is a 100% recyclable product and all downgraded products are either repurposed or recycled.

Our History

NAPSteel Inc. began in 1985 with a small yard in Snohomish, WA for handling mill surplus steel pipe for the piling and forestry industries.

As trust grew between NAPSteel, customers and suppliers, so did our product range and facilities.

NAPSteel Ltd. was established in 1986 in Delta, BC. In 1994, the flat rolled steel business was split from the tubular business and Cascadia Metals Ltd. was established.

Building on expanding knowledge of products, sourcing, and logistics, the 1990’s launched NAPSteel’s successful participation on large projects in oil and gas, mining, forestry, power generation, and infrastructure.

NAPSteel’s private ownership structure enabled it the flexibility, maneuverability to survive, and even thrive in the volatile first two decades of this century.

Building relationships that last

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